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Sep 16

New Sermon Series: The Gospel of Mark

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Yesterday we kicked off a New Sermon Series in the Gospel of Mark. If you missed the first sermon, you can listen to it here when it’s posted.

Nearly 2,000 years ago, in a small rural province of Roman-ruled Israel, there was a man who claimed to not only be a king, but the King; not only one sent from God, but the Son of God. His name was Jesus. In dramatic detail, the Gospel of Mark tells the riveting story of Jesus’ brief years of ministry in sixteen short, action-packed chapters.

Mark, an assistant to the apostle Peter, is a masterful story-teller. Using a style of writing that is simple and original he recounts the life, death and resurrection of Jesus; events which form the very center of cosmic and human history. Join us as we explore the life and work of the One who fulfilled all the Old Testament hopes for the coming Christ, the Messiah, and see first-hand how only his story makes sense of our own.

You can find more details about the current sermon series and our Sunday gathering, here!