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Jul 31

Serve the City: Recap, Thank You & Pictures

City Life, Event, Photos, Serve the City, Service | by Pastor David Parker

PrintI wanted to briefly follow-up with a big “Thanks” to all who came out to serve the city with us! When it was all said and done, we had over 100 folks show up to come alongside Seattle Schools and Gatewood Elementary in helping prepare their playground and school for this next year!

Over 30 cubic yards of weeds, ivy, and branches were removed. Lots of boxes were packed and moved. Things were dusted and cleaned, and gallons of paint were applied to spruce up the playground and provide additional activities for the students this fall.

Not only did God bless us with great weather, but it was an awesome opportunity to tangibly display His grace and love in how we’ve been eternally served by Him in Christ. Thank you for giving freely of what you’ve been given! (Matthew 10:8)

Praying that we would continue to be a people marked by a deep love for the Gospel and the people He’s places around us to love and serve in this city.

-Pastor David

Below is a note from the principal at Gatewood that I wanted to pass along, as well as some pictures that were captured from that day.

Downtown Cornerstone,

Thank you so much for the generous donation of paint, mulch, supplies and church participants, who worked tirelessly to help improve the school grounds and interior organization at Gatewood last Saturday. It’s difficult to find the right words to help express the magnitude of my gratitude. Because of Cornerstone Church, when staff and students return to school in September, they will have a new feeling of respect. When the environment in which teaching and learning occurs is cherished, kept clean, and organized, students and teachers feel valued. When teachers feel respected by their community, they teach better. When students feel respected by their community, they learn better. What your church community did for Gatewood will be appreciated for a long time and in many ways. Early in August, I will meet with the Gatewood PTA Board and I will share the work done by the Cornerstone Church. I believe they will be inspired to finish the job and continue the school improvements!

Feeling blessed,
Connie Aleman, Principal
Gatewood Elementary

Click on the image below to check out some of the pictures that were captured that day!