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Apr 2

An invitation to reflect and rejoice this weekend

Easter, Good Friday, News | by Pastor Adam Sinnett

DCC_GoodFridayEasterThis weekend we celebrate Good Friday (4/3, 6:30pm) and Easter (4/5, 9am & 11:15am). That makes this weekend all about reflecting and rejoicing. Will you join us? There will be no give-aways, no smoke machines, no light shows, no hype, just Jesus. It is easy for the significance of this time of year to be lost amidst a sea of pastels, egg hunts, honey-cured hams and chocolate bunnies, but it doesn’t have to be. We need to take time to reflect and rejoice. This is particularly true amidst a culture that celebrates what is fleeting and transient while neglecting what is most profound and real – like a mighty savior who is also a sinless substitute. So, I invite you to join us this weekend as we reflect on Good Friday and rejoice on Easter.

There are a few things to keep in mind:

First, Good Friday and Easter go together.

I encourage you to consider participating in both Good Friday and Easter. Immerse yourself in the (true) story this weekend, starting on Friday and culminating on Sunday. Cancel your other obligations. Say “no” to Netflix for one Friday night. Keep your kids up. It is worth it.

Second, our Good Friday gathering is unique.

If you’ve never been part of our Good Friday gathering, don’t think of it as a normal Sunday gathering on a Friday. It is a completely different thing. Over the the last four years we have prayerfully labored to create a fresh experience of the ancient Good Friday story. It is unique, moving and powerful. You really don’t want to miss it.

Third, arrive early.

We recommend that you arrive early on Friday and Sunday. On Good Friday, arriving early will give you time to pray, reflect, and read the scriptures. The auditorium will be open 20 minutes prior to our start time. On Easter, we are expecting a full house, so arriving early will ensure you are able to secure seats for your whole party. We will be adding chairs, tightening the rows and creating an overflow space, but we anticipate that it will still be full. Plan ahead.

Fourth, we are validating parking for everyone.

We are validating parking for everyone at the Art Institute parking garage on Friday and Sunday. Please note that on Good Friday, we have secured just one of the parking lots, the U-Park lot, next to the building for family parking only.

Fifth, your kids are covered.

If you’re a parent with a child from one to eight years old, our Cornerstone Kids team has generously offered to serve families on Good Friday and Easter. This is an act of sacrificial service and love on their part, so please be sure to thank them!

Sixth, let’s be praying for Jesus to move.

Most importantly, let’s be praying for Jesus to save, awaken and reinvigorate souls to the breathtaking reality of his grace and redemption this weekend. Invite your friends, families, neighbors, and co-workers. Let’s ask Him to do what only He can in our lives, and in the lives of those who do not yet know him. He is able.

Because the cross is full and the tomb is empty,

Pastor Adam