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Sep 5

August Prayer Update

News | by Pastor Adam Sinnett

We’re three months in and God has been gracious to us. We’ve continued to grow our launch community, study the Gospel Centered Life and intentionally live out the gospel in the city. To those who have been praying for us: Thank You! If you’re just jumping on board, welcome. You can read our last prayer update HERE. You can also receive email updates of new blog content by entering your email in the “Subscribe to Updates via Email” box in the right column.

Here are some snapshots of the past month:

Time Away in the Woods (August 12-13 & 20-22)
We had the privilege to get away on two occasions this month together as a family. Once with some friends on an overnight camping trip with our, combined, four young children. It was refreshing and exhausting at the same time. Fortunately, everyone made it out alive. The following weekend we got to spend time with Jen’s family at Mt. Rainier, a long standing summer family tradition. They were short trips, but God used them to unite our family and clarify our thinking going into this next season.

First Thursday Art Walk, UGM volunteer training, Sazerac, and Something for Stephanie
Since we first started meeting we’ve had a two-fold strategy that consists of gathering on Sundays (for vision, prayer and worship) and connecting during the week (for community, mission, and service). It’s been an eventful month from participating in First Thursday in Pioneer Square to attending a volunteer training for the Union Gospel Mission (one of our elected strategic social partners in Center City) to happy hour at Sazerac to co-sponsoring Something for Stephanie, a benefit for a 13-year-old with cancer, a cousin of a member of our launch community. These times have helped shape us as a newly forming community, while providing many opportunities to invite people in. Follow us here at the blog to find out what’s happening this week.

The Privilege of Preaching (August 8th & 15th)
I was invited out to Emmaus Road (August 8th) and Anchor Church (August 15th) to fill the pulpit by Rich McCaskill and Andrew Pack, respectively. Both are area Acts 29 Network churches. It was a privilege and honor, not to mention fun. Members of the Downtown Cornerstone Launch Community were also able to join and offer support. I can’t wait to do the same downtown Seattle.

Building Community in the City
We’ve lived downtown for nearly a month and a half now. The cardboard boxes are slowly going away, we’re acclimating to a smaller place and are feeling right at home. Jen takes the kids out on daily adventures to the library, local parks and nearby markets. We’re also meeting lots of folks that call the city home, in and outside of our apartment complex, and are certain this is where God has called us to be.

A Miracle. Literally
Three months ago we were told we would never be able to have kids naturally again – ever. The physical tole of three lost babies (1 miscarriage and 2 ectopics) and two healthy ones seemed to culminate in an unfortunate diagnosis. After multiple tests, two different doctors told us the same thing – it would be impossible to have kids naturally going forward. We grieved and considered what’s next. We considered seeing a fertility specialist, but cancelled. I read Moore’s Adopted for Life (highly recommend). We continued to pray for wisdom, while getting rid of much of our baby stuff in a recent move. Then, two weeks ago, Jen had a positive pregnancy test. Yes, positive. Had the blood work – positive. We went to the doctor – positive. Had the ultrasound – positive. The doctors, techs and nurses don’t know what to say. We do, “Praise Jesus.” The tentative due date is April 15th. Will you join us in prayer for a healthy baby, pregnancy and mama?

New Vision, Video, Documents and Website
This past week we finalized many of our key pieces of vision collateral, including a flyer, prospectus, video and updated website. By themselves, they don’t mean much. Yet, they are valuable tools in casting vision, communicating our values and calling for commitment. After a lot of work and late nights, its great to see all of this come together. Big thanks to all who were involved. If you haven’t already, be sure to take a look. You can find them all here. We officially rolled these out last night, at Commitment Night.

Commitment Night (August 29th)
This past Sunday was, perhaps, one of the greatest highlights of the last three months as we invited everyone who has been been involved so far to officially commit to Downtown Cornerstone’s Launch Team. It was a beautiful night over a shared meal, stories of God’s goodness, prayer and song, vision of what the future holds, and an expressed shared commitment to see this new gospel work deeply rooted in the soil of Center City.

Wedding Anniversary (August 31st)
This month Jen and I celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary and our 10th year of knowing one another. I am married to a great woman who loves Jesus and helps me tangibly experience the grace of God on a daily basis. When we first met I told her, “I think God is calling me to be involved in urban ministry at some point, are you up for that?” She took some time to pray and responded, “Sounds good.” So, here we are. Thank you, Jesus.

Vision Sunday, September 26th. You’re invited.
Join us on Sunday, September 26th at 5:00pm, for an evening of celebration and vision. Whether you are a skeptic, friend, neighbor, coworker, or just plain curious, you are invited to join us as we share our vision for a new gospel work that Jesus is unfolding in downtown Seattle. This will be an opportunity to learn more, get connected, and find out how you can help. We’ll pray. We’ll sing. We’ll worship. Save the date. You can get more information here.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

For September, please pray that:

  • We would continue to be a church marked by a deep love for Jesus.
  • Jesus would continue to build his church by bringing more people to join his mission in the city.
  • Many souls will be saved and lives transformed through this new gospel work.
  • We’d have open doors and favor in Seattle.
  • All of our financial needs will be provided for.
  • Jesus-loving, talented musicians and artists will join this work (!)
  • A central, strategic, well-known, yet inexpensive, gathering location for us would open up (!)
  • Seattle would be loved, served, challenged and changed through the gospel.
  • Many Gospel-centered Jesus-loving churches would be planted.
  • 100 people to commit to joining us downtown by December.
  • 100 people, outside the church, to pray for us daily.

The story continues…
For Jesus’ Fame in this City,
Pastor Adam